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Loose Talk
"Dear President Biden"

"Dear President Biden"

Hey Giants,
First off, I apologise for not writing to you last week. I gave my excuses on the pod - suffice it to say,
it won’t happen again.
Unto the new episode! It’s our longest so far; we just kept talking and had to hold some talking
back because we didn’t want to cross the two-hour mark.
Happy Easter! We got talking about Chimamanda’s letter to Joe Biden, talks of treason, Wole
Soyinka getting the smoke, and lot of other stuff.
We’d like to hear from you, so keep writing to us - fanmail@loosetalkgiants.com and please,
rate and review the podcast, and don’t forget to share it with friends. Here’s the link to push
around: https://loosetalkgiants.com/
Catch you guys next week

Osagie Alonge

Loose Talk
Loose Talk
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